PSF core grant, day 4 (roughly)

Since I took the day off from doing Python work on Friday to work on my Ph.D. defence slides (defence is on Friday; assuming that plus changes means my Ph.D. shouldn't be in the way past the end of this month), I spent the equivalent of Friday's workday on Saturday and Sunday.

The "day"'s work was spent mostly on task documentation. For beginners they now have a way to help with the docs. For advanced contributors (i.e., people who are comfortable working on Python), I wrote up tasks on silencing warnings emitted by the test suite, fixing issues, and helping triage issues.

I also wrote the doc explaining how to get the "Developer" role on the issue tracker. This is the first doc explaining how to get your first promotion in Python's development process. I still need to do the one on how to become a core developer, but that will come later. I also included the first task people with the "Developer" role can do: mark issues as "languishing".

The order of the documents has also been played with in the index to the devguide. A primary goal of this work is to ease people into contributing, so I am trying to come up with a good order for tasks so people can ramp up their contributions without feeling stymied by their difficulty.