PSF core grant, day 3

Today the new format of the devguide compared to the old dev docs began to take shape. A long running complaint from people wishing to contribute to Python has been that it's very hard to figure out how to start. The old answer of "search the issue tracker for something" doesn't pan out for people just getting started as many things on the tracker are still there because they are difficult, not because people have simply not been able to get to them.

So today I did the first task-oriented page: increasing test coverage. I figured people in general know how to write tests and anyone can find out what coverage various tests have on their own computer, so it seems like a good starter task for people. I have a couple other potential starter tasks I think I will write up to add to the list (you can see those ideas as todo items and as dead links on the devguide front page).

And as a bonus I found a bug in test.regrtest that I fixed. =)