PSF core grant, day 5 (sort of)

As I am actively preparing for my Ph.D. defence I am once again putting in part-time on the PSF work with the plan to either catch up in the future or simply work into March until I have put in the proper amount of time.

Anyway, the latest day's worth of work has been focused on getting how to become a core dev written up. That required expressing how Python's development is communicated to the world. We have a lot of mailing lists.

I also got the doc written explaining what it takes to become a core developer: from how to ask for commit rights to the responsibilities once you get them and everything in between. This led to the writing of the doc explaining how to commit a patch.

This completes the first pass at the Contributing section of the new devguide. I still need to do the section covering proposing changes to Python as well as flesh out the Resources section (e.g., move some PEPs and stuff from Misc over). I also have some todos to still go through before I call the first complete draft of the devguide done, but it still feels good to at least have the basics done!