Google Summer of Code apps due on Monday [updated]

[edit: due date was extended from Saturday to Monday]

I didn't realize when I made my last GSoC post that the deadline for student applications is this Monday! That's still enough time to pull together an application for the Python Software Foundation (assuming you are still in university at any level, undergrad or grad school). We are trying to get more core projects this year, but the PSF is once again acting as an umbrella organization for Python projects that did not get cleared as a separate mentoring organization.

The GSoC site, the timeline, and the project ideas should be the core links needed to get an application together. One piece of advice I can offer is do not limit yourself to just what is listed on the wiki. Some of those ideas are good, others are not (remember, anyone can edit a wiki, even people with bad ideas). But if you have your own idea and it isn't listed then don't be afraid to propose your idea! Each proposal is read on its own and not based on whether it is an idea on the wiki. Plus your own idea might help your chances as we tend to get some overlap with some popular ideas and thus have to choose one out of several proposals for the same idea.