Temporal information about bugs and patches

Facundo Batista posted to python-dev today links to two pages he generated that show temporal information about the various open bugs and patches. When you visit the pages, notice the "Temporal location" column. The length of the entire column represents the timeline from the opening of the oldest open bug to now. The blue bars per bug/patch is the timespan from the opening of the issue to the last comment made on it.

Some of them have really long timelines, mostly because they were revisited at some point within the past year to try to close them. Others, though, were opened and never even commented on or had a burst of comments and now just lay dormant. Makes for low-hanging fruit in terms of closing bugs and patches. I just closed four bugs at the bottom of the list where they were opened, had zero or one comment, and were subsequently out of date. For today I closed five issues with two more slated. I have not been this productive in a while. =)