PSF core grant, day 30, 31, and 32: lots of testing, moving on to data maintenance

In a previous blog post I mentioned my refactoring/testing strategy for the website I am developing. Friday was all about implementing that strategy. Even without touching the network, my tests were good enough to lead to only two very shallow bugs that needed fixing. At that point I am basically caught up in my testing regimen.

That means new features! But yesterday and today have been a back-and-forth battle between trying to do a good job and worrying too much about rare edge cases and features that are not needed. Since the data only needs to portray details in a rough level and only for a subset of the available data, I realized I need to relax and not sweat every single little detail that could come up. It's just as easy to run an occasional sanity check to rectify any data drift that may come up.

And a tip to those using nose-GAE, if you get an odd error about not being able to delete a datastore file, it probably means you have a syntax error somewhere.

And a tip for those using Google Chrome: be aware that if you are manually triggering things through a GET request, Chrome's prefetching of pages can cause you to accidentally request twice. This was a problem for me as I was doubling the stuff I was putting on task queues and it took me a while to realize why.