PSF core grant, day 7

I took the day off to postpone starting the corrections on my dissertation, so I actually got to put a full day's work in! This puts me as having worked through January 12th.

After my now morning ritual of fixing typos from yesterday's commits (thanks go to Sean Reifschneider and Sandro Tosi for those) and integrating various suggestions from people, I started work on new stuff.

First, I created the Misc/README.gdb file. This was a file that was just screaming at me to be written compared to everything else in the Misc directory.

Next, I made sure that there were instructions on how to (un-)apply a patch.

Third, I withdrew PEPs 306 and 339 and made them resource pages on changing CPython's grammar and the design of CPython's compiler, respectively. This removes the CPython-specific PEPs and puts them in a more fitting place.

Finally, I gave more explicit instructions on what to do after you created a patch to improve test coverage. Since it is the intro task someone suggested that I make sure it was clear exactly what needs to be set in the issue that one files.

I did other stuff, e.g., emailing python-dev about some Misc directory re-organization, but that has not come to fruition yet.