Submitted the Python VM panel to PyCon

I decided to go with the VM panel over the python-dev panel since the panel would be more interesting for me that way. Plus it makes sure that the talks I look forward to the most won't happen at the same time as the presenters will be on the panel. =)

But I still want to give the community a chance to ask questions of the core development team. That leaves me with two options. One is to use Google Moderator and just let people add questions there and answer the top questions in a couple categories (community, development, language, interpreter, stdlib, etc.). The other option is to hold an Open Space session at PyCon. With either it is possible I might be the only person answering questions.

What do people think? Would anyone be interested in either? I could do both, although there is a good chance for redundency plus the Google Moderator one is much more available to the general public. But the Open Space allows for potential conversation.