Adding simple jQuery effects

Me being me, I got sucked into doing the initial styling to my site. Got the basic CSS done. I have always been one to support really clean sites in terms of looks, so the page is basically just four div tags: header, nav, article, and footer (which correspond to new tags that are being proposed in HTML 5). I also tried to use colors to make an obvious contrast between links and descriptive text in the navigation sections.

But while I like simple sites, that does not mean I am not a sucker for eye candy. I decided to try jQuery loaded from the Google AJAX Libraries API. It turned out to be rather straight-forward to add hover events to the header and footer so that info that people will typically not care about and ignore are not visible unless you hover over the proper div (once I got back into my groove of coding JavaScript). And I made the div have the hover event instead some smaller section so that one does not have to do any overly accurate mouse work to trigger the text to show.