Python 2.6a1 and 3.0a3 are out (and stdlib stuff)

The big news is that Python 2.6a1 and Python 3.0a3 have been released. I had not realized how many entries there now were in 2.6's NEWS file! And 3.0 in a way subsumes 2.6's entries and then tacks on its own. Anyway, have a look. Obviously realize that neither are near their final versions. 3.0 still has stuff going on and 2.6 still has a bunch of stuff from 3.0 that needs backporting.

On the stdlib reorganization front I announced that March 15th is the deadline to propose new packages. As of right now it looks like there will be six new packages (only five are listed in PEP 3108 as the details of a proposed url package is still being worked out). Probably once this is settled I will move on to module deletions. That will be interesting. =)