What info would help you work on the Python core?

Being the sprint coach for the Python core this year, I am going to be giving a full-length tutorial on Sunday for both people wanting to sprint on the core along with anyone who is just interested on learning how to work on/with the core even if they are not attending the sprint.

But I am obviously no longer part of the target audience. =) I have been hacking on core code since the fall of 2002 so I am rather removed from being a newbie. What I would love to have people leave a comment on this post about is if there is a specific piece of information that you have found really useful when you have worked on the core code base. And if you never have, what piece of info would you need in order to push you over the edge and into contributing to Python? Please be specific; saying "I don't know where to start" is both generic and a known issue (which I will cover in the tutorial).

I expect I will cover in the tutorial how to:

  • Get a checkout of the code
  • Coding standards
  • Report a bug
  • Review a bug
  • Create a patch
  • Review a patch
  • Find stuff in the code base
  • Find things to do (issue tracker, increasing code coverage, etc.)
  • Tips on how best to develop (probably specific to areas such as the compiler, documentation, etc.)
and anything else that comes to me or I gleam from the comments on this blog post. Chances are what gets presnted is what will turn into a set of docs for python.org for people to reference in the future when they want to get involved.