So I got TextMate

I decided to use TextMate to do code reviews for Python's GHOP participation. It actually worked out pretty well. I have blogged before about my previous experience with TextMate over a year ago. I ended up liking it enough to buy and give it an honest go.

I have already started a Python-Dev bundle for myself that will most likely end up in Python's svn repository. It will most likely contain stuff that is directly part of the coding process so that one's workflow is not broken. But I don't plan to make it do everything that one does for core development. For instance I will most likely end up with a command that re-generates the docs, but not one to checkout/update the doc tools. And I plan to have it work based on projects that are rooted at a trunk or branch checkout.

And changes to the Python bundle will be needed as well. For instance, the function snippet does not handle multi-line docstrings well at all.

But for all of its standing flaws, none of them are insurmountable and the editor itself overall is still good. Hopefully my purchase won't be for naught. =)

And obviously if people have suggestions on how best to use TextMate I am always open to learn more.