PyCon proposal deadline in two weeks!

I just read an email reminding me that the call for proposals (CFP) for PyCon 2007 is coming up (Oct. 31). You can find details here.

Personally I need to decide what to present on. I can talk about the rewriting of the import machinery in Python (should be done by then), my security work (should be getting close to done), or about the search for a new issue tracker. I am willing to do two talks, but not three. If people have a preference on what they want to hear, just comment on it by this Wednesday afternoon.

Normally my bi-annual talk on how Python is developed would be listed, but I have proposed that a panel discussion for python-dev happen instead. There is interest on pycon-organizers, but I need someone else to help do this other than me since I have a personal bias that I need to neutralize (plus I am just busy with other Python stuff =). Personally I hope this happens since I think it would be fun to basically stick myself and a couple other python-dev members on the hot seat to answer questions from the community. But we will see if this actually gets off the ground (it has been proposed before and has yet to happen).