Need an online todo list

I have yet to come up with a good way to keep a todo list that I can access from home and work. The paper route doesn't work since I want to be able to sort it based on due date or priority. PDA doesn't work since I don't need more stuff in my pockets. Cell phone doesn't since it would take too long to input stuff. I tried my Gmail inbox but I like keeping it uncluttered too much. I have tried Google Spreadsheets, but it's too slow for me for the formatting I want.

That leaves some online solution. I want to be able to specify what the thing is, its priority, a classification, a reference (email, URL, etc.), and a due date. I need to be able to sort on any of those fields. I have yet to find anything online that have those fields or a similar setup that looks good.

Guess this is going on the list of apps I need to write.