Any opinions on TextDrive or other hosts?

Okay, I am finally ready to pony up the monthly fee for hosting. I am pretty much set on TextDrive since they seem to to be well-liked and supportive of open source stuff. Right now the only thing holding me back is which service to get and whether they can handle a possibly funky setup (although I am open to persuasion to use another host like WebFaction, etc. if given the right reasons).

So here is what I am envisioning my use of the account. To begin, just simple svn stuff for code that I change constantly and want revisions of in the future. Next, a personal site implemented in Django. After that, an issue tracker like Roundup that is not a Django site. After that, hosting my dad's web site on the space which is currently static HTML. And possibly even after that, my brother's site. If I pull that off I will have personal code, a personal web site, my todo list, a wallpaper site, and a horse saddle site, all at once using different servers. =)

Now the trick I see here is having several sites, some unique domains, some just another sub-domain or subdirectory, all served by different servers. It looks like, from what I can tell from TextDrive's docs, that I can set Apache to do this through webmin and it should all just work. Just might take a little while to get up and going properly (thus the step-by-step ramping up of usage). At worst I can just not move my father or brother's site over until they are redone in Django, but the personal Django site, svn backup, and Roundup instance do need to all work under a single account.