PyCon sprints, day 3

Yesterday was spent mostly on documentation. I changed the documentation for PEP 352. I also updated the PEP to reflect the final implementation (had to tweak how __str__ and __unicode__ worked for backwards-compatibility reasons). I also made it more obvious how the PEP will end up making BaseException look. Nice and simple! Might get tweaked slightly, though, at some point to make adding arbitrary data to an exception easier, but it is in no way required since the truly needed attribute, message, is there for passing text info with an exception.

I also tracked down two refleaks that were introduced by PEP 352. Buildbot has been really helpful here. Neal Norwitz has done a good job of taking people's suggestions of how to run the tests and it has led to bugs being detected and usually squashed rather quickly, including refleaks. 2.5 should be a relatively stable release thanks to Buildbot.