Python code statistics from Ohloh

I just discovered the web site Ohloh after downloading the first release of MediaFork (a fork of Handbrake). The site badge for project metrics was neat, especially when they listed the value of the software. So I obviously had to look at Python's info. =)

Wow, Python's worth $11.2M. Not bad. =) The site itself is rather slick. It's JS-heavy, but it seems to be done in such a way that the site is still snappy. Plus their developer stats are really nice (unfortunately mine are split between my bcannon and brett.cannon user names in svn). I really wish we could get stats on branches and the sandbox (especially since a lot of my recent work has been in one of those two areas of the repository and thus my LOC count seems abysmally low), but still, it's cool to see any form of stats.

Between this and CIA there seems to be quite a bit of code stats and history you can get for various open source projects. I find it neat from a user's perspective because it lets me see general trends and how various projects I use develop. And as an open source developer it's always nice to see how your project itself is used by others and how much work you have actually put in.