PSF core grant, day 39: darn scalability

So the server component for the secret website is nearly complete, when I started to test the site through App Engine's dev appserver, some issues arose which were not triggered by unit tests. So I spent Sunday and yesterday (counting as one day thanks to working on bursts on-and-off) working on fixing those issues.

Otherwise the only other news is that the Python-Dev In a Box code is up. Please realize that it will not work for you! It is currently geared towards using the Hg test repo which is not ready for general use (e.g., it's missing some commits that landed in svn). I also am going on an assumption a patch I submitted to coverage.py about a __main__.py file for the repo directory gets accepted, and so I have a file I manually copy over in that instance until that happens. In other words, if you decide to play with the code realize that it probably won't work and so bug reports about it not running are probably premature. =)