PSF core grant, days 23 & 24: prepping for hg, cleaning up test skipping

Sorry for being behind on updates. Monday was final paperwork on the PhD (unless the university tells me otherwise I am now done with everything), yesterday it just got too late to worry about posting, and then this morning I just got in a groove and didn't want to stop to post. So today's post covers work done both today and yesterday.

For preparing for the transition from svn to hg, me and several other core developers have a preliminary draft of the devguide ported over. It currently suggests using mq, but that may change to feature clones if it turns out that the mq instructions are too hard to follow.

For cleaning up test skipping, I have begun work on issue 10966. I am basically trying to make it an error for extension modules to fail when they are not compiled on platforms they are expected for. This has been an issue in the past as compilation errors have gone unnoticed as tests were flagged as skipped instead of as a failure simply because the import failed. This will also do away with the idea of expected and unexpected test skips as the test code itself will state on what platforms a test is required/optional on.