PSF core grant, day 27: little details, a secret, and a progress report

Started out the day creating a patch to link from the issue tracker to the devguide. There have been a couple people who have asked me to have the issue tracker fields link to the devguide to give a better explanation. Plus updating the docs is easier than the tracker.

But what really took up most of my time today (and yesterday, but I had errands throughout today so I am counting this as a day's work) is a little skunkworks project I started working on related to Python 3 and combating some (accidental) FUD that seems to keep coming up that really needs to get squashed.

Anyway, I also figured I would summarize what the heck I have done as part of my grant as I have finished day 27 of 41 (and I need to summarize for the PSF board this week). I completed the devguide, which I have wanted to do for literally years. There is also a branch of it already prepared for when the switch to Hg occurs. This also led to various patches that make sure the stdlib can have its test coverage measured, fixed a bunch of static analysis warnings from Clang, and have import failures not implicitly represent a skipped test.

I wrote a HOWTO on how to port a Python 2 project to Python 3. Now the community finally has a single document to read to at least get started in porting instead of having to pull up various blog posts on the subject.

All of this and I am three days behind "schedule" of ending my grant come March 1 (unless my math is wrong and this really isn't the 30th weekday since January 4th, inclusive). Overall I'm happy with what I have done and I am hoping the remaining 14 days are just as productive.