PSF core grant, day 17

Yesterday was a writing/coding day. The coding surrounded getting Python 3.2's entire test suite to complete without issues under coverage.py. That required getting issue 10990 and 10992 (tests reseting the trace function and tests which simply failed under tracing, respectively). Along the way I created a fork of coverage.py on bitbucket which contains the patches I have sent upstream applied so that if people get antsy they don't have to download the patches separately (but I consider this a temporary issue). I also learned how to use Mercurial's mq extension on top of svn which worked out very nicely.

In terms of writing a firmed up the coverage instructions when using coverage.py, mostly so that generating HTML results is faster by skipping coverage of test files. I also did more writing on my Python 2/3 porting guide which I will make sure is up somewhere once the 2to3 portion of the doc is finished (hopefully mid next week).