My PyCon US 2011 talk submitted

For PyCon US 2011 I decided to submit a proposal for VM panel like the one I organized for PyCon US 2009. The panel is slated to be made up of me plus:

  • Frank Wierzbicki : Jython
  • Dino Viehland : IronPython
  • Maciej Fijalkowski : PyPy
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss : moderator
So some new faces, some old compared to the 2009 panel. Should be even more fun than 2009 now that we know what to expect.

The call for proposals for PyCon is open until November 1, so if you have not already, please consider submitting. Details for talks, tutorials, and posters are all up on the website. Process is painless and presenting is a lot of fun.

As for other talks by me, I have not decided if I want to give my import talk. I feel like the world is probably tired of hearing me talk about import at PyCon, but maybe I'm wrong.