Call for proposals out for PyCon 2011

Jesse Noller announced that the call for proposals (CFP) went out today for PyCon 2011. Due date is November 1.

I was actually thinking of missing PyCon 2011 as my PSF grant would end before PyCon and I was planning on starting my job at Google then (if this is the first you are hearing of either fact, don't be shocked as I have not blogged about either yet; expect more details when either event approaches). But I was told that my life depended on my attending, so I am currently planning on attending the conference.

That means I will try to give a talk as I (almost) always do. Any requests? Last year I gave a talk on custom importers which is already outdated thanks to what I have set up for Python 3.2. PyCon 2009 was my "how Python is developed, you should help" talk. PyCon 2008 was the last time I gave my import talk (I gave it at EuroPython this year, but obviously that's a different audience). In other words I can talk about anything but importlib itself. If you have an opinion on what you would like to have me talk about, just leave a comment or email me.