PyCOn 2010 reflections

[edit: forgot Brett Slatkin's and Holger Krekel's talks]

Once again PyCon was fabulous. As usual I spent very little time actually in talks, instead spending it what is known as the "hallway track". But of the talks I did see, my favorites were Holger Krekel's talk on the various Python interpreters, Collin Winter's Unladen Swalllow talk, David Beazley's GIL talkC. Titus Brown's continuous integration talk (which if you want to here Titus take the piss out of Jesse Noller and I listen around 28:44), and Brett Slatkin's PubSubHubbub talk (video is not up yet). And of course there is my talk on importers.

The meme for PyCon 2010? Probably the testing goat.

Unfortunately I couldn't stick around for the sprints, but I still had a great time. Hopefully next year I will be done with my degree and employed by someone who will fund my attendance and let me stick around for the sprints as it felt really odd not sticking around.