Getting importlib into the standard library by PyCon

My email to python-dev about importlib has not raised anyone's ire within 24 hours, which is a good sign. Assuming no one is going to try to stone-wall me (I would honestly be shocked if anyone did), I am committing to getting importlib into py3k by PyCon.

I have two things left before I am willing to check importlib into py3k and continue development there. One is getting the tests running under regrtest since I have not structured it for that. Second is that I have some file reorganizing in the test suite. Since svn is not exactly a lover of file renames I figure it would be best to just have that all straightened out as much as possible before I check into svn.

But PyCon is a hard deadline. No matter how much is left, the code will be checked in no later than when I get WiFi access at the hotel for PyCon.