My PyCon panel has been accepted

My talk for PyCon 2009 on how python-dev is developed was an invited talk, so there was no anticipation on that front. Hoping to keep the talk entertaining and light while convincing everyone in the audience to help in the development of Python. How Python is developed is not complex, just very organic and time-consuming. But I will cover what *should* be the typical workflow. =)

What was explicitly accepted by the program committee is my panel on Python VMs (disclosure: I am on the program committee, but I was not allowed to vote on my own proposal nor know its status). The panel is going to have Dino Viehland of IronPython, Holger Krekel of PyPy, Jim Baker of Jython, and myself for CPython. Jacob Kaplan-Moss of Django will be the moderator.

As always the conference will be fun! Already looking forward to some talks, such as Jese Noller's multiprocessing talks. And if I manage to get importlib far enough along maybe I will hold an Open Space on imports to see what people want in terms of support from the library.