My invited talk at PyCon 2009 and a poll question for the community

[edit: I should my left from my right by now, but apparently I didn't when I first posted]

So it turns out some people think I am a decent speaker; I was made an invited speaker for PyCon 2009. That means my proposed talk on how Python is developed has already been accepted. =)

That leaves choosing a panel to organize (yes, I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to PyCon). I was originally planning on organizing a panel of core developers much like I did at PyCon 2007. But some rumblings from various people have reached me that suggest people might actually prefer a panel on Python VMs.

Since I don't know many "typical" users of Python, I figured I would toss this out to the community to let me know what panel might be preferred. If you look in the right-hand column of my blog you will notice a poll question asking whether you would prefer a python-dev or Python VM panel. If you have a preference, please vote. I won't promise that the winning one will be what I try to plan, but I will take it under consideration.