Sun's new support for Python

I discovered today that Sun has released their Python Developer Center (with a planet of "expert Python bloggers", which apparently includes me) along with the Jython guys joining the nbpython project to add Python support to NetBeans. I am interested to see how the NetBeans support turns out as I had a positive experience with the IDE when I used it for some GUI stuff in Java.

Which reminds me, when the hell is TextMate 2 coming out? I caught myself the other day using Vim again out of habit. And with MacVim looking nice, I actually caught myself contemplating switching off of TextMate. At this rate I am waiting to find out that I can't get TextMate while interning at Google again and thus I move back to Vim for work and just make the switch again. If that happens I will finally bite the bullet and learn how to write custom commands for Vim in Python.