What is the best way to learn Django and web development?

Dear Lazyweb,

With PEP 3108 nearing completion, it is time to start thinking about finally developing my personal web site (so that I can then redo my father's business web site). That means I need to learn web development in general, and Django in particular.

But how to begin? I was planning on reading the Django book, but is there something else I should also read?

And how about web development in general? I believe Django comes with a testing framework, but is there something else I should be using? Any common design pitfalls I should be looking out for?

I am not looking to do fancy web applications. I just want the skills necessary to take information, both entered directly into the web site or from external files, and display it online. The goal is to be able to easily redo my father's static web site such that he can log into the site's admin page and add/edit content directly without me having to walk him through it over the phone (in other words my dad can browse the web but I am not about to ask him to write raw HTML or something).

Anyway, any help that people can lend me would be greatly appreciated.