Update on bootstrapping importlib for Python 3.1

I just updated my py3k-importlib bzr branch so that I was running on post 3.0b1 code. At the moment I have three failing tests: test_coding, test_pep263, and test_runpy. The first two are BOM errors (although test_pep263 only fails when run through regrtest). test_runpy fails because I have not implemented __package__ support yet (although I have diagrammed how to properly set the attribute). I hoping that the BOM failure, whatever the cause, once fixed will solve both failures. And the test_runpy failure is just a matter of me adding in __package__ support which should not be too difficult.

I really should be worrying more about finishing up PEP 3108. But I must admit, hacking on my own stuff is a lot more fun. =) Although I am feeling more and more like I need to rework the testing suite to use doctest and be more blackbox and less whitebox. Weighing in at 2507 lines (according to 'wc'), the testing suite is rather large and has grown organically, so it is not the most organized chunk of code in the world.