PEP 3108 (stdlib cleanup) progress

As of this moment there are 81 deprecated modules in Python 2.6. I have personally deprecated 56 of them since PEP 3108 was accepted. There are about 15 modules left to still be deprecated and removed. None of these counts cover modules with new names.

Unfortunately there is still work to be done. Those 15 modules left, all but one are there because they require removing their usage from the stdlib in 2.6 (symtable might survive if it gets documentation written for it). There is also the issue of dealing with renamed modules which I have personally not touched yet (I view the deletions as more important since it removes code rather than just shuffling it around; plus 2to3 makes the change-over for new names easier to live with than an entire module disappearing). Still plenty to do between now and b1.