How I want FriendFeed to play with Twitter (and eventually replace it)

Less than a week ago I re-created my Twitter account. Although I love Jaiku's feature set and appreciate its stability, the lack of users (partially thanks to the new account freeze since their acquisition by Google) really limited what it could do. Thus the switch to Twitter as my main platform (and having my Jaiku account consume my tweets).

But, as before when I left the service, Twitter has been having stability issues. This weekend especially has been bad as Robert Scoble pointed out. He makes an interesting point in that blog post that FriendFeed could situate itself to take over for Twitter. FriendFeed already posts comments you make to a tweet as an @reply from your account. If they made it so that plain comments to FriendFeed could be posted directly to your Twitter account then I could then skip using Twitter's site and various applications and just use FriendFeed or Alert Thingy. It would also mean that my comments/tweets would first hit FriendFeed which is very stable and then hit Twitter if the service is up.

But there is the trick of adding all the people you follow on Twitter. You could set up imaginary friends for every Twitter account, but that would be tedious. If the FriendFeed API supported creating imaginary friends then this could easily be automated. Even better, since Twitter supports contact list portability through rel-me links from XFN you could use Google's Social Graph API with your Twitter account to flesh your list of imaginary friends very nicely on FriendFeed.

Maybe I will get lucky and get my two features from FriendFeed. But probably not as I don't know if FriendFeed wants to potentially step on Twitter's toes like that.