Cell phone development is like app design in the '90s

If you look at the state of cell phone application development, it feels like it is still in the stone age. I was thinking about the (possible) major cell phone platforms (s60, iPhone, and Android) and there not a single development platform that is consistent across them.  S60 gives you C++, J2ME, and Python. iPhone gives you Objective-C. Android gives you Java (not sure how much, though, full Java 5?). Notice how there is no platform that cross-cuts all of them. Java comes the closest, but please, who wants to do Java development when they can avoid it (I am obviously one of those people who thinks you should use a language like Python or Ruby for app development and leave languages like Java and C to systems programming).

And I don't need a cross-platform GUI library since cell phones have such varying input styles. But if I have basic application logic and model manipulation that is consistent across platforms I would be a much happier person. I suspect the instant this happens then cell phone development will spike.