wxPython is fine, but ...

I really don't like the documentation.  I am not an examples person.  I like having how a system works explained to me first.  After that an example that ties into the overall picture explanation can be given  But the wxPython docs seem to be either API-driven or examples-based.  And with the book "wxPython in Action" being very examples-driven I am kind of out of luck when it comes to learning wxPython in a way to works for me.

But even with all of that, it's still better than Tkinter (at least on OS X 10.5).  I don't know what it is, but I was having a hell of a time getting the clipboard to work properly in Tkinter once I tried to tweak my existing application, which is nothing more than two text labels, two text fields, and a button.  My frustration got high enough that I just dove into wxPython and managed to completely re-implement the app in a night (which is faster than it took me to get the equivalent version to work in Tkinter).

But I am still not satisfied that I have found the best solution for someone like me who just wants a GUI toolkit to create really simple GUIs where I could have easily used a terminal-based approach instead.  I am probably going to give a look at KWWidgets, PyGUI, PythonCard, and Twilight GUI.  I would look at PyGTK, but until it runs natively on OS X I don't want to bother launching X11 for really simple applications.