pep362 module now up on PyPI

I just registered and uploaded pep362, version 0.4 on to the Cheeseshop (aka PyPI). The version number is so low because there are six open issues in PEP 362 that could potentially change the code. I am going to bump up the version number by 0.1 for each question I close.

I am going to guess that the module is the first thing uploaded to the Cheeseshop that works with both Python 2.x (my tests say 2.4 and higher because of generator expression usage) and Python 3.0 (at least a1) without any code modifications. If you look at the code it really was not hard to do. I actually had to add code to be compatible with 2.4 and 2.5 instead of 3.0. The real trick is if you like to toss print statements for debugging, you need to remember that in 3.0 print is now a function. Otherwise I have some 2.x and 3.0 specific tests but that is the only difference.

If you happen to use the code, please give me any feedback you have. That way it can possibly be worked back into the code and PEP to make this thing useful to others.

This means that item 1 on my latest todo list is finished. Item 2 I am actually going to skip as I don't think packaging up importlib is good until someone has tested it on Windows (if anyone gives it a go, please let me know).