Day 4 of "A bug each weekday"

Since I have not heard back from Georg about my proposed fix from yesterday, I just worked my way up from the oldest bug according to Facundo's temporal Python tickets list.

At this point almost all of the really old issues are RFEs (Requested Feature Enhancement). I am not about to implement any of those so I mostly skipped them. I did manage to close issue 487311 which had been an RFE that wanted time.tzset() (which was added in Python 2.3). I also closed issue 539444 which was just old.

All of this led to me writing down some notes on how I would want to change the issue schema. I think the biggest thing would be to remove "severity" and to move a bunch of stuff from "components" to keywords or just get rid of them. I would also want to have more resolution values to more properly reflect the various points that an issue might be in. And I especially want a status that specified an issue has not been vetted by a developer and properly classified as of yet. But I won't even propose any changes until we get more stuff fixed in the tracker and the people involved in the transition have been able to take a break.