Help Greg Stein recover from his mugging

[turning off comments as at least one person decided to be an ass and not think about what it's like to be mugged and how traumatic it is]

For those of you who have not heard, Greg Stein (of Apache, Subversion, and WebDAV fame) was mugged the other night. The poor guy got beat up while already having a broken leg!

I know Greg and he is a really nice guy; people calling him the nicest guy in FLOSS are not exaggerating. He has always made time to have a chat with little old me every time I have seen him at Google. Plus he has always been a huge supporter of Python (he has even done work before, eg, a version of Python way back in the day that ditched the GIL).

To help Greg recover a fund has been set up for people to contribute to in order to let him get away for a couple of weeks and recover. There is a Google Group with the details.