What I have (and will be) up to

Figured I should write out what I have been up to in terms of python-dev and what will be taking up my Python time in the near future. Helps me realize how much I have left to do. =)

Most recently I have been working on automating the creation of PEP 0. I have been doing this as I am tired of having to edit that PEP every time a PEP is added, accepted, or rejected. Plus it gives the PEP editors a tool to use to verify that a PEP's headers meet formatting requirements.

I still have a little bit left to do. I am in the middle of making people's emails consistent across all PEPs. I then need to make sure everyone spells their name the same way (e.g., with a middle initial or not). In terms of code I need to move it over to using email.parser instead of parsing the headers myself. Once all of that is in place it looks like the format of names will shift to be semi-colon separations of names in ``Last, First, Suffix`` order (with optional email).

But once that is out of the way I start the Next Big Thing: bootstrapping importlib into Python 3.0. The hope is that if it ends up working well without major corner case issues it can be backported into Python 2.6. That would be cool as some new import APIs should open up that make it easier to write custom importers that does not have to be exclusive to Python 3.0.

But I need to get the thing bootstrapped in first. Initial step is to lower dependencies on non-builtin modules. After that it is diving into the core and doing some fiddling to get the Python code loaded without having an import available. I will obviously have to write at least a bare-minimum importer in C that just loads a Python source file directly (unless it gets stored away in a frozen module, but I would rather not so as to allow people to easily define their own import at startup).

Here is to hoping I can get this done in a timely fashion. =)