My python-dev todo list is finally shrinking

It's nice to feel productive. =) I have been plugging away at my python-dev todo list when I can (usually while my girlfriend plays WoW which makes her addiction handy on occasion). At this point I just need to clear out my bug/patch backlog and look at Barry Warsaw's PEP 364 implementation. The tracker transition cannot happen until SF fixes their data dump issues so that is on hold (SF is working on it, though).

With those out of the way I will finally get to start on my personal project of bootstrapping importlib into Python. That should be a fun challenge.

I have removed (for now) finishing my pseudocode of import from the todo list. I just need to cover the Python bytecode/source dance, but I think most people have enough of a grasp of it that I doubt there is demand of me to finish it (but if I am wrong let me know in the comments).

I also started a "When Pigs Fly" list of big project ideas for when importlib bootstrap project is done. You can comment on the list if you want, but realize the title of the list has meaning; I have no clue when or if I will get to any of those projects. They are mostly there just to remind of what I have contemplated doing in order to suck down more free time. =)