How to handle open source work in your CV?

I was writing up an initial RELAX NG compact schema for CV information and I was trying to decide where to put my Python work. It could go in the "Activities" section, but it feels like it deserves a better position than amongst the various committees I have served on. It should have the same level of description of work as an employed position where I get to say what I do. But it is a volunteer position where I am a member of a team, so perhaps it is reasonable to put open source work in the "Activities" section.

And how the hell do you list a PEP? It's basically a tech report. I am a supporter of delineating papers that were invited compared to peer-reviewed. But tech reports are basically self-published. But labeling them as such seems a little harsh as a tech report is not just willy-nilly; there is some feedback from the people who put their name on the line to stick it up as a tech report. But it definitely is not peer-reviewed to the level of a journal or conference. Perhaps there should be a "Tech Report" section to publications and just leave it at that.

Bah. This self-promotion stuff sucks.