Python security paper online

This past term I audited a grad course on computer security here at UBC in the EECE dept. As part of the course there was a final paper. Having already spent months on the topic of security and Python I used the course as an excuse to write up my work.

I have put the paper, "Controlling Access to Resources Within The Python Interpreter" online. There are some things you should keep in mind when reading the paper. One is that this paper was for a course, not a journal or conference. Another is that I had an eight page limit so I didn't have space to go into how the security implementation would defend against common attacks, etc. Lastly, the audience did not know Python, so there is some stuff in the paper that is probably rather basic for anyone who reads this blog.

I think the paper turned out fine. Comments on the security design are welcome. Edit issues are not too critical as this paper would most likely get reworked for a conference if it ever comes to this.

Assuming I have the time I am hoping to use this paper as a reference in a PEP to get the changes I want into Py3K. But I am not sure if I am going to have the time to pull this off by April 30th, especially if I want a proof-of-concept ready by then. So if it slips to Python 3.1/2.7 then that is life.

And a special thanks needs to go to my supervisor, Eric Wohlstadter, for funding me while doing this work. Even when it seemed we might not get a publication out of this he allowed me to continue to work on it which I really appreciate.