Keeping myself under control

My laptop hard drive died last night. Luckily I did my weekly incremental backup to my external hard drive Saturday and the one thing I did Sunday went out in an email so I am only inconvenienced.

But now I am having to reign myself in from going overboard with the PEP writing on my work machine or my girlfriend's laptop while my laptop is gone (probably for the rest of the week).
With my PEP to change the semantics for specifying what module is being directly executed essentially dead, I immediately started to think about whether there was anything else I wanted to try to squeeze in between now and the 30th to meet the Py3K PEP deadline.

But then I realized everything else I have lined up can wait and that I shouldn't rush myself when the deadline is for Py3K PEPs and not for 2.6 PEPs that would thus be ported to Py3K.
That means my desired PEPs to introduce __import_ex__ or my security work do not need to be rushed (nor should they). I also realized I should not push for changes to import's semantics until after I have my Python implementation of import as *the* import mechanism because I don't want to have to wrestle the C implementation. And that won't happen until I get the control flow graph done to show how messed up the semantics of import are to begin with.

So I am taking a deep breath, and repeating to myself, "I don't need to write another PEP by April 30th ..." Although starting a PEP early and just not rushing it is not a bad thing. =)