Latest musings on the mobile web

I got my cell phone bill the other day and the number of minutes I used for international calls to the States dropped dramatically; less than an hour! Now that number is not indicative of the amount of calling I make to the States since just the other night I had a three hour conversation with a good friend of mine. The power of VoIP (through Truphone) is really nice.

And using my cell phone for VoIP calls has really shown me how much of a difference is made when you have full mobility within your home. I never reall got into VoIP before since I didn't want to be tethered to my laptop. And this is coming from someone whose computer is a PowerBook and has a very nice Bluetooth headset (which is mainly used with my cell phone on long drives). The ability to just wander throughout my house as if I was using my cell phone over the cellular network is great.

I have also found out the JAJAH now has a mobile web page interface. That's great since they *still* have not released a version of their mobile client for my phone. Might be useful for those times where my Internet connection is a little flaky.

I also have rediscovered the Google Personalized Homepage. After discovering the enhancements they have made at google.com that are not available at google.ca (along with the fact that some gadgets just don't work from google.ca for some reason, like the GCal gadget) I have started to use it again.

But the mobile-related piece of new is the link at far right of the link bar on the bottom of the page is called "mobile". There it takes you to a page where you can configure your personalized homepage for your cell phone. That was a nice surprise as I was able to set it to just what I would care about on my cell phone (weather and movie times).

Maybe I will finally cut down on my international minutes charges on my phone and redirect it to a data plan on my cell. Seems like I am finally starting to get stuff the way I want for actually caring about the mobile web.