Please post questions for the python-dev panel at PyCon!

For those of you don't know, there is going to be a discussion panel at PyCon of four python-dev members (Jeremy Hylton, Andrew Kuchling, Neal Norwitz, and myself) that is moderated by Steve Holden. We are asking the community to submit questions to a wiki page to be posed to the panel for the first part of the session.

For those of you who have submitted questions, thank you! For those who have not, please do! The A/V people are getting organized and it sounds like they are going to try to get at least audio (if not video) for every presentation. That means that if you don't attend PyCon you can still submit a question and (hopefully) expect to hear the response. And even if the A/V doesn't happen there is almost always someone who takes a transcript or blogs on every talk so you should hear your answer *somehow* if the question is asked.