stdlib reorg PEP has been added

I just emailed python-3000 an inlined copy of my stdlib reorg PEP (PEP 3108). The PEP should show up online the next time the cronjob for PEPs runs.

Hopefully this won't kick up too much heat for me since I am just trying to help get this thing done. But I am sure there are some suggested module removals people will not be happy with.
Question is whether enough people care about a specific removal to deem the module worth keeping.

Plus I have some suggested groupings of modules in the Open Issues section. Guido never explicitly cleared me to do groupings, but I was thinking of them anyway as I went through the stdlib and almost everyone who commented on my blog suggested the same thing, I figured I should at least toss the option out there for Guido to consider. We will see if he goes for any of them or not.