Got a question to ask the Python-Dev panel at PyCon?

Here is the text of an announcement I just sent out to c.l.py and announce.


On the first conference day of PyCon after lunch there is going to be a discussion panel for Python-Dev (see http://us.pycon.org/apps07/schedule/ for the schedule). It is going to be moderated by Steve Holden and is slated to have myself (Brett Cannon), Andrew Kuchling (AMK), Neal Norwitz, and Jeremy Hylton on the panel.

But in order to make the panel a success we need some questions. We will have a portion of time open to questions from the floor, but we would also like to have some questions lined up. If you have any questions you would like to have answered by the panel, please add them to http://us.pycon.org/TX2007/PythonDevPanel . The wiki page will be considered the definitive location of collected questions so please do not leave any questions as a reply to this announcement as it will not get noticed.

I do not know if there will be an audio or video recording of the panel discussion, but there is a decent chance if last year's PyCon is any indication. Plus someone in the audience might be kind enough to type up a transcript and post it online.

Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes a question.