Need help identifying "silly old stuff" in the stdlib

As part of Guido's push on python-3000 to get Python 3.0a released mid-2007, he asked for help in the stdlib reorganization. This means renaming existing modules that don't have a proper name and modules that need to go. I have done the former, but I need help with the latter.

If you read the Google doc I have started you will find my initial list of modules to remove for Python 3.0. But I could use some help making sure I got all of the reasonable ones. The stdlib is large and I obviously don't use all of them so I can't make a proper judgment on all of them (especially the large number of Mac-specific modules). If anyone has time to let me know of any module I missed (and why it should go) or a module I said should be removed but shouldn't, please leave a comment here. After a reasonable amount of time I will post to python-3000 the list of recommended modules to remove.

Advanced thanks to everyone who is able to help me out!