Time for a new keyboard

My MS Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 v2 keyboard is starting to go. I have already replaced the mouse with a Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse. Not been happy with this keyboard/mouse set as this set was a repair replacement.

In other words I have now given up on MS hardware (which completes me giving up on MS products since I don't use their software). But that does not change the fact I need to replacment my home keyboard. At work I have a Kinesis Advantage USB and a Kensington Expert Mouse. I have been happy with both (especially when I got RSI in my left wrist two summers ago). But luckily my RSI has not come back beyond rare soreness, but that also comes from playing floor hockey weekly. After having spent the past two months working straight off my laptop in the living room on the couch I don't think my RSI is really an issue anymore (thank goodness). This means I don't think I need to shell the cash out for a second Advantage keyboard.

But it still doesn't hurt to be cautious. But the deal is I don't want another funky keyboard that is going to require a new way to type or makes playing games a pain (I am still holding out hope that I will get to play Half-Life 2 in my lifetime). But ergonomic keyboards are hard to come by in stores to try out. That means blind purshasing which sucks for input devices for someone who has big hands like me.

Anyway, I am considering the Kinesis Maxim, Key Ovation Goldtouch, or the Kensington Comfort Type Slim. And if I just ignore ergonomic design and want slick and wireless I would want to go with the Logitech diNovo Edge (as long as it can work with OS X since Logitech seems to say something doesn't work with OS X when it actually does; otherwise I have no clue what keyboard I would go with). If anyone has any experience with any of the mentioned keyboards I would really appreciate any feedback you can give on them. I mainly care about durability, feel of the keys, and if the keyboard would be cramped or for someone with long, thin fingers.

Well, the Kensington keyboard got bad reviews at Amazon. I am starting to lean toward the Kinesis Maxim since I have had such a good experience with my Advantage. Also gives me a chance to order new wrist pads for my Advantage. Probably going to sit on the idea for another few days, though.