PSF Infrastructure Committee recommendation for a new issue tracker is now public

I just sent out the email to python-dev announcing the recommendation of the Infrastructure committee in regards to which issue tracker we should move to: JIRA.

It basically came down to JIRA and Roundup in a tie in terms of tracker abilities. But Atlassian, the creators of JIRA, are offering free hosting which we cannot ignore. That offer tipped the scales in favour of JIRA.

But we are not giving up on Roundup just yet. If enough people volunteer to help administer Roundup we will switch our recommendation in the name of FLOSS to be Roundup. We will see if enough people step forward.

I am sure some people will be upset over not going with the FLOSS solution to begin with (ranging from "that's unfortunate" to "burn in hell you capitalist pig"). But people have to realize there is only so much volunteer time out there and administering an issue tracker is not necessarily fun nor an itch someone wants scratched, the two ways stuff in open source tends to get done.

Anyway, I am just hoping that people don't start yelling at the committee about any of this. Everyone volunteered to do this and put in a lot of time to see this all happen and the least people can do is keep it civil. Hopefully my worries are unfounded.