Is PyMate for TextMate defunct?

I have basically decided to look at TextMate as a possible editor and then stop my search for a possible Vim replacement. While the keyboard shortcuts are obviously not as advanced as Vim, the support for customization is pretty good. I am going to give the editor a shot for at least a week, possibly for the whole 30 day trial.

But I noticed PyMate (the main Python bundle that comes with TextMate) has not been updated since last August and currently sits are version 0.1 . This means that there is no proper highlighting for Python 2.5 features. It also has other problems (such as improper folding) which should get fixed. And the worst part is that the pymate module itself requires the MacOS module which is not available in pure UNIX builds (and the module does not seem to even be used in the code!).

Is anyone working on maintaining this code still? Or is someone developing an alternative?